tennis elbow

About tennis elbow

Despite its name, tennis elbow only occurs to 5% of those who play tennis. It’s a painful condition where the tendons are tender and sore due to repetitive movements of the wrist and arm. This can affect many people having varying jobs, like butchers, painters, plumbers, and people playing musical instruments. Tennis elbow affects adults roughly from 30-50 years old but can happen to anyone of all ages.

tennis elbow sYMPTOMS

The tennis elbow symptoms all focus on severe pain due to muscle overuse and strain, causing injury. It can radiate from your elbow up towards your wrist and arm.

If you have this condition and are feeling these symptoms, try to turn a knob or hold a coffee in the affected hand.

Tennis elbow makes it painful and almost impossible to do these activities.

Recovering From Tennis elbow

Chiropractic care involves assessing the injury and adjusting the affected extremity. Afterward, we will advise you to rest for some time while the extremity is healing. If pain persists, a physical therapy session might be needed to properly bring your arm back into shape. We might suggest a brace or a forearm strap during recovery depending on how severe your condition is.