Slipped discs

About Slipped discs

Slipped discs—or herniated discs—are prolapsed cushions between the vertebrae of our spine. These discs are meant to absorb the shock and trauma from daily movements or intense physical activities. Discs that are herniated or, slipped, can cause pain and discomfort, and numbness.

Slipped discs Causes

The causes of slipped discs can be varied.

Some patients experience herniated discs as a result of too many physical activities, especially those with weight-lifting involved.

Others can suffer due to old age.

Lastly, obese or overweight individuals are more prone to herniated discs.

Recovering From Slipped discs

Mild to moderate slipped disc symptoms can be easily treated with chiropractic care and exercises. In more severe cases, spinal decompression and surgery may be advised.