Shin Splints

About Shin Splints

The term “Shin Splints’ ‘ is used to refer to the pain a person experiences along the inside of the shin bone, or front of the lower leg. Runners and dancers are prone to shin splints due to the nature of their movements.


Shin splints usually happen during or after a change in the intensity of physical activity, such as running more miles or more frequently.

  • Overuse of the leg muscles
  • Without taking enough time to rest and heal  can lead to inflammation or swelling of the tendons, muscles or tissue covering the shin. 

Recovering From SHIN SPLINTS

Shin splints will often go away on their own, especially when proper rest, and recovery steps are taken. However, if the shin splits don’t clear up quickly, your chiropractor will look for other problems that may be contributing to the pain. This includes examining your spine, hips, knees and feet for misalignments. Your chiropractor may also make adjustments in your foot joints, ankle, knee, SI joint or low back. This can relieve the pain from shin splints, or prevent them from happening again.