About Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a condition commonly appearing during childhood or puberty. It manifests itself as a curve in the spine, either in an “S” or a “C” curve, depending on how severe it is. Scoliosis can be diagnosed by doctors through an X-ray. A curvature that surpasses 10 degrees can be considered scoliosis.

Scoliosis appears more commonly in females than in males. Several studies suggest that females are more prone to degenerative bone conditions—such as osteoporosis—due to menopause, genetics and family history. Still, the cause of scoliosis remains unknown even today.

Scoliosis symptoms

Symptoms caused by Scoliosis includes:

  • Stiffness,
  • Lower back pain,
  • Pinched sciatica nerves that cause numbness to one or both legs,
  • Fatigue due to muscle strain.

Recovering From Scoliosis

For those with existing scoliosis in their late teens and adulthood, an orthopedic brace is given to help stop the worsening of the spine’s curve. Though the spine isn’t as pliable as when you were a child, this brace is still effective management of scoliosis. What’s very important for this condition is the help of professionals and chiropractic care. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!