About Neuropathy

Our Nervous System consists of two parts. One is the Central Nervous System which is the control center of your body and comprises the brain and spinal cord. The other part is the Peripheral Nervous System, which branches throughout the body in the form of “nerves.” Neuropathy is the term for when these nerves are damaged or dysfunctional, causing feelings of numbness, muscle weakness, and even pain.

Neuropathy Causes

Neuropathic patients may experience these symptoms in different areas of the body. However, most cases reported that it is likely to start in the hands and feet, where nerve endings are typically located and may be a result of physical trauma and/or injury from accidents, too much exposure to toxic substances, or a secondary condition caused by an infection.

Hereditary lifestyle diseases, such as Diabetes, may also be considered as the cause of neuropathy.

Recovering From Neuropathic Problems

To treat neuropathy, we focus on finding the root cause of the problem. We pinpoint problem areas and begin treating those areas that are causing the symptoms. This helps alleviate pain and inflammation in joints and other affected areas without having to turn to OTC drugs and high-dose painkillers. Call us today and let’s talk about how Chiropractic care can improve your overall well-being.