Carpal Tunnel

About Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome may sound like a minor condition, but it is one of the most common occupational health problems today. CTS is described as the pressure inflicted on the median nerve, which causes pain and tingling sensations on the affected hand. These symptoms can range in duration and frequency. However, most patients have sought medical help as it ultimately prevented them from doing daily tasks, such as holding a cup of water, grasping an object, or typing. 

Carpal Tunnel Causes

The causes of this condition vary as well.

They can be as inevitable as your carpal tunnel’s anatomical structure, which is always narrower for those suffering from this condition.

Other causes can be workplace elements, where you are consistently expected to move your wrist and hands (secretarial job) or exposed to cold temperatures.

Recovering From Carpal Tunnel

The most effective solution for your CTS is an adjustment from a chiropractor. Not only will you avoid side-effects from traditional treatments (such as drug side effects), you’ll also be assessed and treated most naturally. Some treatments also include alignment of the back and spine, which can contribute to CTS. Coupled with physical therapy and rest, this treatment can ultimately treat your CTS faster than you expect. Call us now!